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Cafecita's Solar-Powered Coffee Cart

100% Sustainable and Silent

Cafecita is committed to sustainability, which is why we're thrilled to have a 100% sustainable coffee trailer serving our specialty drinks all over Los Angeles. Not only are we saving over 15,000 lbs of CO2 a year for the planet, we don't have a smelly generator polluting your event and harming the participants. Using solar batteries also means we're completely silent which is perfect for movie sets. Besides our beautiful, clean energy trailer, we use 100% compostable cups, lids, straws, and sleeves to further reduce our footprint and keep the planet green.

Freshly Roasted, Specialty Coffee Drinks

We pride ourselves in having the best coffee and baristas in Los Angeles. Since we freshly roast all of our own coffees, we know exactly how the coffee was grown, processed, roasted, and brewed from bean to cup. We have perfected our roast profiles and have created delicious specialty drinks based on each coffee. All our syrups are handmade using fresh ingredients, never processed or chemically modified. We have our own signature drinks and we're happy to work with you to create personalized menus so you can have your favorite drinks at your events.

More information is available here. If you’re interested in booking Cafecita's coffee trailer, please drop us a line at hello@cafecitacoffee.com