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Cafecita is a women-owned and operated coffee company.

All our coffees are single origin, organic, and fair trade certified.

We source exclusively from sustainable women-owned coffee farms and co-ops, and a percentage of every purchase goes to supporting women’s nonprofits around the world.

We ensure gender equity, workers’ rights, and environmental sustainability are at the forefront of every stage of production. We love what we do and we hope you enjoy your Cafecita coffee knowing that you’re supporting empowerment with every cup!

Our Team

Our Producers

We work exclusively with sustainable women-owned coffee farms and co-ops.

Our Nonprofit Partners

A percentage of every Cafecita purchase goes to supporting women’s nonprofit organizations around the world.


Colombia is here!

Our newest coffee--a medium-dark roast with silky notes of black cherry and brown sugar.

Cafecita Coffee Club

Our monthly coffee subscription. Choose your favorite or opt for Barista’s Choice. Shipping included!

In the Press

We’ve been featured in many articles and podcasts about our social impact and original bag design.

Wholesale and Corporate Gifting

Cafecita loves connecting and collaborating with other businesses--cafes, shops, caterers, event organizers, and marketplaces.