Job Description

    Cafecita is a specialty coffee roaster located in Culver City. As a social enterprise, all of our coffees come from sustainable women-owned coffee farms and co-ops, and a percentage of every sale goes to supporting women's nonprofits around the world. We sell our coffee through our online store, on digital marketplaces and subscription services, and wholesale to cafes and offices around Southern California. Additionally, we are poised for growth and will be opening our first physical location in Los Angeles this fall!

    We are looking for an operations manager to oversee and fulfill orders and ensure inventory is always stocked and available. The position currently requires physically coming to our roastery in east Culver City every weekday (M-F) for 2-4 hours to fulfill orders. Any work such as creating labels, communicating with wholesale partners, and placing inventory orders can be done remotely. Total hours including physically coming to the roastery and remote work will be about 15-20 hours a week. Starting pay is $20/hr. This is a position that will ideally grow with the company and gain more hours, responsibilities, and benefits.


    • Oversee all of Cafecita's orders
    • Acknowledge and accept orders online across our various platform partners
    • Fulfill orders, including but not limited to creating shipping labels, printing gift notes, and packing coffee into boxes
    • Organize USPS and UPS pick-ups at the roastery every day
    • Ensure we roast enough coffee each week
    • Ensure all inventory including bags, boxes, labels, and shipping materials are in stock and available
    • Communicate directly with cafe and wholesale partners about their orders


      • Efficient self-starter 
      • Understanding and commitment to social enterprises
      • Strong organizational skills
      • Detailoriented and ability to multitask
      • Clear and direct communication
      • Team player
      • Positive attitude and an understanding of the flexibility required for a growing company


      To Apply


      Please send your resume and 3 references to