Wholesale coffee and corporate gifting. Fair trade coffee for events and marketplaces

Wholesale and Corporate Gifting


Cafecita loves connecting and collaborating with other businesses--cafes, shops, caterers, offices, event organizers, and digital marketplaces. We offer our coffees wholesale in 5lb bags and 12oz bag cases, roasted to order, and either whole bean or ground to your specifications.

Corporate Gifting

Workers’ rights is one of Cafecita’s core values which is why we’re thrilled to help companies show worker appreciation. As one of the most universally loved beverages, and the way most people start their day, sending specialty coffee is a perfect way to show gratitude and say thank you.

If you’re interested in partnering with Cafecita and would like to hear more about the wholesale or corporate gifting programs, please drop us a line at hello@cafecitacoffee.com.